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Our Team

Chris Oswalt

Chris Oswalt

Chris Oswalt is our power washer. Chris lives in Yelm with his girlfriend who helps him care for his four year old daughter. When he isn’t washing houses, Chris loves to play guitar and video games. He also loves to read and write and has been working on his own novel for the past 20 years. He loves soda, nachos, and working with people to make sure everyone gets along the best they can.

Keith Davis

Keith is one of our lead painters and he has been working with us for a few years. Keith has 3 kids and loves metal detecting, barbecuing, cooking, and rock finding. His favorite foods are jerky, nuts, and fruit. His favorite story from his time at Flying Colors was working hard and being able to please a picky customer and getting banana bread in return.

Philip Sharp

Philip Sharp

Philip (Phil) is one of our lead painters. He has worked with us off and on for 10 years and consistently since 2017. Including his time at Flying Colors, he has been painting for 20 years. He and his wife have been married for 13 years and they have a 9 year old daughter named Cyane, and a 7 year old boy named Onyx. The family also has a pitbull named Loyal. When he isn’t painting, Phil spends his time playing music and basketball, dreaming, and sketching. His favorite memory with the company was our winter time Paint Rodeos where Dustin (our owner) would sing and play paint themed parodies of Beatles songs on his guitar. Painting is his life and he loves to make people happy with what he does.

Scott Gow

Scott is one of our lead painters and he has been painting for a few years. Before Flying Colors, he learned to paint with his family’s company. That is where he says he got his passion for painting. His favorite memory while painting was a night job painting a bank. He says that is where he learned to be extremely precise in his work because every detail had to be perfect. Scott’s best friend is his cat Jeffery (or Jeffurry as he pronounces it). His favorite snacks right now are carrots and Honey BBQ Fritos. In his free time, Scott spends time with his family, plays video games (right now he’s playing Warzone), but mostly he just paints. He is currently painting his grandparent’s house in his free time. “Painting is honestly my life,” he said. “I’m a passionate painter. I have a love for my work. Perfection is my goal.”

Jesus Fernandez

Jesus is a lead painter. He has been painting for a few years with Flying Colors and 5 years total. He is engaged and has 2 kids; 5 year old Brook and 4 year old Elena. They also have 2 dogs (both pitbulls), 5 fish, and a cat. He loves Asian food, jerky, and water. When he isn’t painting he loves skateboarding, tattooing, drawing, and just getting outside. He says every day is a good memory and he has fun working on ways to improve his craft. Jesus is an easy going, hard working individual that strives for a challenge to do the best work that he can.

Chris Haury

Chris is one of our lead painters, and he has been painting for 15 years – 7 of those with us. He has 4 kids, 2 dogs, and a beloved red truck. When he isn’t painting, Chris loves hiking, hunting, and fishing – anything to get him outside. He says the Flying Colors is an enjoyable place to work.

German Ortega

German is one of our lead painters, and while having been with us for only 3 years, he has been painting for 20. His favorite part of painting is working with customers, getting to know people, and figuring out what they like. He loves every part of painting and does his best to treat each customer and coworker with honesty and respect. When asked why he likes Flying Colors, he said, “It’s a good company to work for. Dustin’s taking good care of us.” We love German because he always comes to work with a smile and a happy hello for everyone he sees. Not only does he do good work, but he’s fun to be around while he does it.

Eric May

Eric has been with us at Flying Colors for 3 years and has painted for 25. When asked why he likes working here, he said, “They’re a great company to work for. They care about their customers and their employees.” Eric lives in Shelton with his wife, 3 kids, and 3 dogs (all American Bullies).

Lynne Reetz

Lynne has been with Flying Colors for 5 years but has painted for almost 40. She’s painted everything from nuclear plants to multi-million-dollar mansion and is currently loving the residential repaint niche that Flying Colors mostly works on. Lynne lives with her dog Lola, and has 1 daughter, and 2 granddaughters who she loves dearly. Her favorite memories with us are the songs that Dustin writes for and about the company. “Working here has been a great experience all around. My co-workers are all good painters and workers. I admire them all. Office staff are supportive and good people. Dustin is the best boss; he cares about us and our clients. I have never been asked to do substandard work or cut corners with Flying Colors; he wants us to give the clients our best.”

Dustin Wilson

In the late 70’s, Dustin was working for another painting company and received a word from God that he should start his own. That was how Flying Colors came to be. In the late 90’s Dustin gradually transitioned from painting to managerial work, though he still goes out to jobs frequently to give advice and help to the painters. His favorite part about painting is how tangible and truthful it is. If you miss something, or you’re sloppy, everyone can see it, and he likes that cause there’s no tricking anybody. Dustin and his wife Carol live in Olympia and frequently visit their 2 sons in Kent and Bellingham.

Anna Jones

Anna Jones is our Project Coordination Manager here at Flying Colors. She loves her job because “Every day is unique, I work with great people, and I enjoy helping customers make their paint dreams reality.” She likes Flying Colors because “It’s a good company, I like working with the people here and I believe we have strong ethics and transparency.” Her favorite part of her job is writing out our scheduling board and making it neat and tidy. Anna just bought a house in Lacey and she enjoys exploring the local trails, hanging out with her dogs, and baking.”

Colton Haisch

Colton is one of our estimators. While still new to the company, he has loved getting to know his new job. “I love going out and meeting all types of people and helping them bring their homes back to new.” He likes Flying Colors because we don’t just educate our workers, but we also educate our customers on what we’re doing and why we do it. Colton recently graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing and a minor in Leadership. While a lover of all sports, Colton recently picked up golf as his new favorite.


Carl Hancock

Meet our Senior Salesman Carl. Carl has worked with us for 14 years, and he loves meeting new people every day, assessing their jobs, and helping them do the best thing for their home. On every house he bids he asks himself what he would want if it was his own home and tries to do that for the customer. In estimating homes, he doesn’t just look at the paint it needs, but also at any other repairs that might be necessary. If he finds things, he can pull from his library of nearly 500 local contractors to bring the best help to the customer. Carl lives with his wife and son Gabe who paints with us, in Montesano. He also has a daughter who is married and living in Tumwater. In his spare time, Carl loves camping, fishing and exploring new areas of Washington.

Katie Tobin

Katie has been with Flying Colors for 8 years. Before she started working with us, she had painted for 5 years, and she took a few year break in the middle of her time with us to run her own general contracting business. She started in Thurston County and now runs our Tacoma location. She loves the urban environment of the city and the team she works with at Flying Colors Pierce County. When she isn’t painting, Katie loves to restore and remodel her own home, and spend time with her wife and 3 dogs.

Steve Luna

Steve is one of our painters, but he is also our repairman. He does carpentry and woodworking, and replacing equipment or pieces on homes that have failed or rotted. His favorite thing about working at Flying Colors is the atmosphere. “Everybody seems to get along and everybody has a mutual respect for each other.” Steve loves his job because he gets to see new things and meet new people every day. He is married with 3 kids. He loves spending time with his family, hiking, and getting outdoors.

Brad Williams

Brad is our Operations Manager. He loves working here because he respects the principles that Dustin runs Flying Colors on and is appreciative that he gets to work at a place that embodies those things. “My favorite part of my job is getting to work with the office staff and the painters and continue perfecting how we run things at Flying Colors.” Brad met his wife in middle school math class, and they now have a German Shepherd puppy named Kaia together. They love to travel but are happy to call the Pacific Northwest home. In his free time Brad has perfected the arts of ping pong and backing up trailers.

JO Baker

JO is one of our lead painters and while having been with us for only 3 years, he grew up in the handyman business, and has been around painting his whole life. He loves Flying Colors because of Dustin. “He’s empathetic and understanding. You can tell that he cares, understands, that he’s been there. With him there’s a different level of comradery than I’ve ever seen in a boss.” JO is extremely attentive to details and he says that this comes in handy as he creates stellar paint jobs for customers. When he isn’t painting, JO loves spending time at home with his kids.

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