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When you need it painted, we’re here for you.

We Started Local, And We've Kept It That Way

Dustin Wilson started FCPC in 1980 with a vision to provide professional painting services to people that need them. 

Since then, Flying Colors Painting Co has become the largest residential painting company in Thurston County. We’ve painted thousands of homes and have a trusted name and proven track record of serving our customers with the utmost respect and professionalism. 


A lot has changed since 1980, but some things have remained. We continue to raise the standard by providing a high level of communication, professional craftspeople, and a dedicated team who will work with you from start to finish. 

We like to say that “painting is personal,” and it is no small thing for our customers to entrust us to work on their homes. We are incredibly grateful for many years of serving our customers here in Thurston County.

Our Operations Team Will Keep Your Project On Track

BergAn - Our Estimator

Anna - Our Office Manager

Mike - Our Project manager


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    If you need multiple estimates, please make a note in the comments below. We will try to get both estimates done in one appointment, but if the estimator runs out of time, we will call to schedule the second appointment if desired after receiving an estimate for the first.
    We will do our best to meet your scheduling needs! If you have a specific date in mind that you'd like the project completed by, please note it in the comments below.