Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions from our clients. If you don’t see an answer to your question, send us a message here!

How long has Flying Colors Painting been in business?

Dustin Wilson founded Flying Colors Painting Co. in 1980. He is still the owner and is actively involved with day to day operations.

Is Flying Colors Painting licensed, insured and current on workers compensation insurance?

Yes! Flying Colors Painting is licensed and insured. Our current workers are on compensation insurance.

All our documents are available for your review upon request. You can also go to here to view our current state documentation. License # FLYINCP112R2

How do I get an estimate scheduled with Flying Colors Painting?

To schedule an estimate with Flying Colors Painting for your Olympia or Tacoma painting project, click here or call (360) 491-6911. In most situations, we give you a complete printed estimate at the time of the appointment. If a printed estimate is not possible at that time, we mail, email, or fax it to you as soon as possible.

Is paint included in my estimate?

Yes, paint is included in your estimate! The price you see on your printed estimate includes everything needed to complete your painting project.

How will you schedule my project?

After a bid is accepted, we will contact you to schedule your painting project. If you have time sensitivity, please let the estimator know during your appointment.

What is your timeline for starting my painting project?

This common question has a complicated answer.

For exterior painting projects, weather will impact scheduling. We will call you to setup a wash, then expect another call to establish a start date.

For interior painting or refinishing projects, it is much easier to set a fixed start and completion date. After a contract is signed, expect a call to establish a timeline. If you have date sensitivity, please discuss this during the initial estimate appointment.

Does Flying Colors Painting offer a warranty?

On most exterior projects, we warranty the labor and materials for 3 years. Mildew, decks, caulking and horizontal surfaces for one year.

How are payments handled for painting projects?

Payment is due upon completion of the project. We do not require money upfront!

How will additional charges be addressed?

If additional work is required or requested it will be done at a set agreed upon hourly rate, plus the cost of materials. This total will be added onto the final invoice that will be sent out at the completion of the job.

Do you have a list of client references or testimonials from past painting projects?

You are welcome to check our reviews on our websiteAngie’s List, Facebook, Google , Houzz, Yelp or any other online source. We also have thousands of customer reviews on file that you may review upon request. We have also received the award for Best Painter by Best of South Sound several times, most recently in 2018.

Who is on-site managing my painting project on a daily basis?

You will have a crew leader assigned to your painting project. That crew leader reports directly to the project manager, who typically visits every job site once a week to address any issues that may arise.

Will I have a dedicated team working on my painting project?

Typically, the crew that starts your painting project will be involved through completion.

Do you do background checks on your employees?

All our painters are background checked and skilled craftspeople who are polite, friendly, neat, and efficient. Their goal is to provide you the best professional painting services available.

How do you communicate with your customers? How often and by what method?

Communication is handled via phone calls, email and in person. If you have a preferred form of communication please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

What is a typical work day?

Depending on work conditions crews may begin early in the morning and will work an 8 hour day. In most cases the work can be adjusted to meet scheduling demands.

How you maintain a safe job site?

Crews receive ongoing safety training and are provided with any necessary safety equipment they may need. It is our goal to protect our valued employees, our customers and their property.

Can I save money by purchasing my own paint?

No. Even when paint is on sale, our purchasing power helps us buy paint below sale prices. We don’t make money on buying paint, so let us leverage our buying power to help you!

How do you stay current and on top of painting trends?

Continuous education is why we are achievers. We are a part of several trade organizations such as the Academy for Professional Painting Contractors, Painting & Decorating Contractors of America, and Olympia Master Builders Association. In addition to that, we regularly receive product updates from our paint suppliers.

What types or brands of paint do you use?

In most cases, we use top-quality acrylic paints from Sherwin-Williams, Kelly-Moore (Miller), or Rodda. If you have a preference as to a specific product you would like used, just inform the estimator at your consultation and we can factor that in the bid.

How will you clean up at the end of the day? How and where will tools and materials be stored if the job spans multiple days?

Typically, we require a small staging area where tools and materials can be left onsite. Any garbage will be disposed of in our company dumpster.

What steps will you take to protect my property?

Our crews will take the time to cover and protect areas that are not going to be painted. For exterior, plants, grass, trees or a neighbor’s house will be covered and protected if necessary. In some cases, you may be asked to trim vegetation away from your home before the job starts. For interior work, painters will close off rooms with plastic, use drop cloths and mask any areas that require protection.

What is the procedure of a typical interior painting project?
  • Getting Started – You will need to select colors and sheen at least one week before painting. Regarding furniture: You do micro, we do macro. You remove items from walls, smaller items from the top and inside of furniture pieces, items stored in front of walls, things in closets to be painted, etc. Our painters move remaining furniture and cover it with drop cloths or poly-plastic. From there we take care of everything else!
  • Protection – Cover all surfaces not being painted (carpet, trim, doors, windows, fixtures, furniture). The goal is to keep drips, spits, spills, tracking, and overspray from getting on adjacent surfaces.
  • Preparation – Fill nail holes and tack holes, fill split nail pops, caulk cracks, and prime water stains and pen marks. If you leave a nail or a hanger, we paint it; if you remove it, we fill the hole. Regarding furniture and other items in the room, you move the little stuff, we will move the big stuff. Furniture that needs to be moved must be “move ready” meaning that they are free of books, knick-knacks or other items.
  • Painting – Using professional tools and techniques, we spray, roll, and brush.
  • Processes – Ideally, we paint one area at a time, clean it up, then move to the next area. We will do our best to balance job completion and minimizing the impact this project will have on your daily activities.
  • Completion – When your project is finished, you will receive an invoice and a customer satisfaction survey.
What is the procedure of a typical exterior paint project?
  • Getting Started – You will need to select colors at least one week before painting. Also, replace any rotted siding, install new gutters, clean/treat the roof, etc. before painting. You may also need to trim back vegetation. From there we take care of everything else.
  • Cleaning – We apply a mildewcide solution and mild soap to treat algae and mildew growth. Then wash everything to remove residue, dirt, loose paint, etc. (you may need to clean your windows after the wash, we recommend that you wait until after the project is finished).
  • Preparation – Loose paint will be scraped and primed and existing caulking will be overlaid. Our team will follow industry standards in preparing your specific type of siding, feel free to ask questions about the specifics of your home during the assessment consultation.
  • Protection – Painters will use plastic, canvas, paper, and tape to cover all surfaces not being painted.
  • Completion – When your project is finished, you will receive an invoice and a customer satisfaction survey.
How do we resolve any disagreements?

Our hope is that there will not be any disagreements. However, if they arise, please give us a call. It is our goal that you are 100% satisfied with the work provided.

Is there a minimum charge?

In most cases, yes. For exterior painting there is a $800 minimum, and for winter season interior there is a $600 minimum.

What should I do with my animals?

We work around animals often, but it is best to secure your animal in an area away from painting projects. In extreme situations a pet may need to be boarded. For exterior projects please make sure the property is free of excrement, and that animals prone to wandering are not left in working areas. For interior projects please make sure that “indoor only” animals are secure as the painters will be taking several trips in and out of the home.